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Best Flour for Sourdough

Natasha Krajnc

Bread flour is high in protein, which makes it the best choice for sourdough bread.

White bread flour will guarantee a dough that develops a strong gluten network.

Rye flour is known to be the most nutrient and amylase dense option for sourdough starter.

With low gluten protein content compared to wheat flour, producing slack, sticky and dense bread.

You can certainly use all purpose flour to bake sourdough bread, but it may not always achieve the best results.

Using Plain Flour


Avoid using plain flour. It is made with soft wheat and doesn’t include the protein and gluten content to enable to the dough to become stretchy enough for sourdough bread.

Organic Flour


– a baked loaf with little to no flavor – a good rise and structure throughout the baking process – sourdough starter wasn’t as active

Non-Organic Flour


– my sourdough starter smelled a lot like baked bread – provided a distinct flavour profile – an active starter that produced a good rise

Whole Wheat Flour


The germ which is essentially a small portion of the wheat berry is rich in vitamins and beneficial fats.

White Flour


– a complex flavour thanks to the minerals found in the bran – a dense and heavily textured bread

Stoneground Flour


Stoneground flour produces a far more pleasant flavored loaf, since its particularly suited to slow fermentation.

Bread bun

Natasha Krajnc

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