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The Best Sourdough Discard Bagels Recipe Ever!

The Best Sourdough Discard Bagels Recipe Ever!

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Create these impeccable homemade bagels, and top them with some cream cheese, and your favorite bagel seasoning. 

  • Total Time: 2 hrs 59 mins
  • Yield: 8-10 pieces 1x


  • Pinch of instant yeast 
  • 100g sourdough discard 
  • 30g coconut sugar
  • 10g sea salt
  • 500g flour
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • Seasonings 


  • Stand Mixer 
  • Large Bowl 
  • Baking Sheet
  • Parchment Paper
  • Large Dutch Oven
  • Slotted Spoon


  1. Whisk warm water and instant yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  2. Add sourdough discard, coconut sugar, and coconut oil to the stand mixer, and whisk until thoroughly combined.
  3. Add 2 cups of flour and knead using the dough hook attachment for 2 minutes, until well combined.
  4. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Add more flour and salt, then knead for 5 to 10 minutes on low speed.
  6. Transfer the sourdough bagel dough to a greased bowl and let this sit for 1-2 hours until doubled.
  7. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper, flip the dough out onto a floured work surface and divide the bagel dough into 8 to 10 pieces.
  8. Take each piece of dough and shape it into balls by gathering the sides and pinching them together in the center. Turn the dough over so that the seam side is down on the kitchen counter, and gently form a smooth ball. This shape will help the dough develop a good gluten structure.
  9. Use your thumb to poke a hole in the middle of your dough balls and rotate the dough around your thumb, while smoothing and shaping the ring. The hole needs to be bigger than you think, as the dough will shrink when performing its second rise.
  10. Place the bagels on the parchment lined baking sheet, spaced apart, then cover with a tea towel and let it rise while you prepare the water.
  11. Boil a large pot of water and preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  12. Once the water is boiling, add baking soda and coconut sugar.
  13. Drop the bagels into boiling water and boil the bagels for 1 to 2 minutes per side.
  14. Remove the boiled bagels and place them on the parchment lined baking sheet, and sprinkle your choice of toppings over the top.
  15. Once the bagels have been boiled and seasoned, bake for 20 minutes until they’re golden brown.
  16. Remove the bagels from the oven and let them cool before serving the delicious bagels.


  • Make the holes of the bagels bigger when shaping your dough, as the hold will shrink once they start to puff up. If the holds aren’t big enough they will completely disappear.
  • The boiling method, helps the outside of the bagels cook enough to ensure the bagels can hold their shape when baking. It also helps the toppings stick better. Moreover, it gives the bagel a shiny, crisp coating making them appear incredibly gorgeous.
  • Don’t skip baking soda and sugar in the boiling water, as this is used to increase the surface gelatinization, by breaking down some of the starts in the dough, also providing them with a unique pretzel-like flavor.
  • Allow the dough to rest for 15 minutes before adding salt. If you don’t the salt will kill the yeast before it has been given the chance to become active.
  • Author: Natasha Krajnc
  • Prep Time: 2 hrs 37 mins
  • Cook Time: 22 mins
  • Category: bread