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7 Best Sourdough Places in New York

Natasha Krajnc

Amy’s Bread Their hearth-baked breads are made using traditional European methods. They use small batch sizes, sourdough and sponge starters with a minimal amount of yeast,

Balthazar Bakery, Manhattan As written on their website, their favorite breads are large, dark-crusted loaves reminiscent of the days when communal village ovens were fired only once a week.

Bien Cuit You will find a variety of sourdough breads with good colorization, and made from local, high quality ingredients.

Breads Bakery its main chef Uri Scheft blends his two backgrounds into all he bakes, from Scandinavian dark rye breads and marzipan in his almond croissants to Jewish staples.

Maison Kayser Maison Kayser has over 100 shops in over 20 different countries, each of them organized in the pure tradition of the french bakery (boulangerie).

Sullivan Street Bakery A variety of Italian countryside inspired breads (like filone, pane di comune, stirato, pugliese, strecci, ciabatta, pizza bianca etc.) italian pastries and cookies are available at the bakery.

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Natasha Krajnc

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