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Sourdough Starter Temperature Guide

Natasha Krajnc

Sourdough fermentation typically occurs at temperatures between 75°F-82°F or 24°C-28°C.

How To Keep Your Sourdough Starter Warm

Sourdough starters can die from overheating, so if a certain spot is feeling a little too warm for you, then it’s likely too hot for the starter.

If you were to place your sourdough starter near this heated item, the heat will keep the starter nice and warm throughout, though the starter can grow quickly

Another great way to keep your starter warm is to place it in the oven, with the oven light on. This will give a good temperature, and as long as the temperature doesn’t reach 122F.

Use a Dutch Oven Place your starter in the Dutch oven or a cast iron pot, and make sure to cover it with a lid.

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Natasha Krajnc

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