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5 Tips To Cool Sourdough Bread

Natasha Krajnc

1. Increase Airflow: Place the bread on a cooling rack rather than a solid surface. This allows air to circulate around the bread, facilitating faster cooling.

2. Slice Loaves: If you’re dealing with a large loaf, consider slicing it into smaller portions. Thinner slices cool faster than a whole loaf, allowing you to enjoy your bread sooner.

3. Separate Rolls: If you have individual rolls or buns, separate them from each other on the cooling rack. This increases the surface area exposed to air, helping them cool more quickly.

4. Use a Fan: Position a fan near the bread to enhance air circulation. The moving air helps dissipate heat faster, accelerating the cooling process.

5. Place in a Cooler Spot: Find a cool spot in your kitchen away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or warm appliances. This helps prevent the bread from absorbing additional heat and promotes faster cooling.

If you cut sourdough bread too soon after baking, you risk disrupting the final stages of the baking process.

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Natasha Krajnc

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