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How Much Salt Should I Add in Sourdough Bread?

Natasha Krajnc

Salt plays an important role in sourdough baking.

– Salt is mainly added for flavor. – Salt helps develop the gluten in sourdough, and is essential for good oven springs. – Improves fermentation. – Allows your bread to brown in the oven. – Preserves the bread.

Salt does not kill your sourdough starter, and if it did, your bread won’t rise. Albeit, there’s no reason to add it to your starter.

The best time to add salt to sourdough bread is at autolyze, followed by water, sourdough starter, and flour.

The amount of salt added to sourdough is entirely up to you, and your personal taste. Though, you should try to use between 1-2%.

Don’t be afraid to add a small amount of salt to your sourdough. Salt adds flavor, and personality to your loaves, so sprinkle in moderation!

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Natasha Krajnc

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