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How to Keep Sourdough Starter Warm

Natasha Krajnc

Oven Light On Place your sourdough starter near the oven with the light turned on. The gentle heat generated by the light bulb provides a warm and consistent temperature that promotes fermentation.

Warm Water Warm water helps maintain a cozy environment for the microorganisms in the starter, encouraging their activity and fermentation.

Seed Raising Pad The seed-raising pad provides gentle and consistent heat, creating an ideal environment for your sourdough starter to thrive and ferment successfully.

Heating Pad The gentle and regulated heat helps create a warm environment, promoting the growth and activity of the yeast and bacteria in the starter.

Yogurt Maker Place your starter jar inside the yogurt maker, ensuring that it is clean and set to the correct temperature.

Instant Pot The instant pot will create an ambient temperature for your sourdough starter.

Proofing Box A proofing box serves the purpose of creating an ideal environment for the process of proofing or fermenting dough, including sourdough starters.

DIY Proofing Box Create a DIY proofing box by placing your sourdough starter inside a container with a lid in a warm water bath.

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Natasha Krajnc

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