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What is a Mature Sourdough Starter?

Natasha Krajnc

Your starter must reach its peak before each feed, and the only way to succeed is through ensuring you’re sticking to the correct ratios, you’re using higher hydration, and remembering to feed your starter every 12 hours!

How to Make a Good Sourdough Starter?

Hydration Level To make your own sourdough starter with 100% hydration you’ll need to combine equal parts flour and water. 

Starter Batch Size You only need a small amount of fresh flour to get started. Though you must ensure that you are using enough to judge how much your starter is rising.

Feeding Schedule As the bacteria and yeasts feed on the starter, the flour’s sugars eventually run out. At this point, your starter will need to be fed once again.

Feeding Ratio Bakers like to use an X:Y:Z reference to feeding, where X is the amount of starter, Y is the amount of flour, and Z is the amount of water. Normally, these ratios can range from 1:1:1 to 1:10:10, with the higher the ratio the more you’re feeding your starter.

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Natasha Krajnc

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