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6 Proofing Basket Alternatives

Natasha Krajnc

Bowl Both plastic and ceramic bowls will do the trick, although wooden and bamboo bowls would work as well.

Colander The holes in the colander promote decent air flow, so that the outer layer of the dough dries out, promising a wonderful crispy crust when baked.

Heavy Cloth Sprinkle a generous dusting of flour, before placing your dough onto the heavy fabric. Create folds or pleats and hold them in place with a peg.

Plastic Container Normally, plastic containers are rectangular, so this may cause your loaf to emerge a little shapeless. However, it’s no secret that containers do come in all shapes and sizes.

Wicker Basket Wicker baskets are another great proofing basket alterative. They’re especially amazing at adding a unique and wonderful pattern to your loaves.

Baking Tray Layer your tray with some kitchen towels to create a makeshift bed for your dough to rest on. Cover the tray with a tea towel, dust some flour on it, then add your dough.

Bread bun

Natasha Krajnc

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