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Revive an Inactive Sourdough Starter: 5 Tips

Natasha Krajnc

1. If your starter has been stored in the refrigerator, remove it and allow it to warm to room temperature for several hours before proceeding.

2. If your starter developed some hooch a week or two after feeding, then you can stir it back in, or simply pour it off.

3. Give your starter a fresh, clean container. Transfer a portion of your old starter into another container before feeding it.

4. You only need 1/2 a cup of sourdough starter, so you can either discard or store the remainder in a different container to keep for future recipes.

5. In a fresh container, combine equal parts flour and water with an equal amount of sourdough starter. Stir well, and keep track of your starter’s growth.

And there you have it! That is how you successfully revive an inactive sourdough starter.

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Natasha Krajnc

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