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How to Make San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Natasha Krajnc

This incredible San Francisco Sourdough bread recipe is brimming with unique sourdough flavor, thanks to the fed sourdough starter.

You'll need the following INGREDIENTS:

Starter Ingredients – 4 oz. sourdough starter (100% hydration) – 4 oz. of bread flour – 4 oz. water

San Francisco Sourdough Ingredients – 8 oz. water – 12 oz. pre-fermented starter – 16 oz. bread flour or wheat flour (you can also use grain flour, whole grain flour, or rye flour if you wish, depending on what was used in the starter) – ½ tbsp. salt

1. Combine all the ingredients for the pre-fermented starter in a medium bowl, and leave it to rest overnight, covered, at room temperature (80F).

2. The next day, pour room-temperature water into the bowl of your stand mixer. Add the San Francisco starter and gently break it up with a wooden spoon, stirring until dissolved.

3. Add 1 cup of bread flour and salt, mixing until everything is well combined.

4. Place the dough hook attachment on the mixer and gradually add the remaining flour into the mixer bowl, until the dough starts to separate from the sides of the bowl.

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Natasha Krajnc

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