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Sourdough Starter Container

Natasha Krajnc

The key component in choosing the perfect container, is accommodating the starter with plenty of room to expand.

Sourdough Crock Jar


A crock jar is a container made out of food-safe ceramic, glass, or stoneware that can be used to ferment and store sourdough starter.

Lidded Glass Jar


A glass jar is best for keeping the starter out of the light, air, moisture and heat – all of which can cause mould.

Airtight Jar


They are especially good at keeping out moisture and are insect-proof, making them ideal for the kitchen.

27 Ounce Plastic Jars with Lids


They’re cheap and easy to find, plus they come with leak-proof lids.

Bread bun

Natasha Krajnc

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