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5 Best Cheeses That Go With Sourdough Bread

Natasha Krajnc

Brie Cheese Brie makes a perfectly creamy candidate for grilled cheese sandwiches, especially sourdough sandwiches!

Monterey Jack Cheese It is a semi-hard, white cow’s milk cheese. Imparting a mild, buttery taste, that melts beautifully, especially when added to toast.

American Cheese Layer your bread slices in American cheese, and you can top this with some thinly sliced apples as well, if you’re up for a bit of adventure!

Cheddar Cheese You can use mild or medium cheddar, but I like to use sharp white cheddar for that robust, cheesy flavored hot sandwich.

Swiss Cheese Swiss cheese provides an incredible nutty flavor that pairs beautifully with sourdough sandwiches.

Additionally, herbs pair beautifully with garlic and cheese. Some of the best flavors that complement sourdough bread will include:

– Sourdough + yogurt + almond butter + pears – Sourdough + tomato + chives + sesame seeds – Sourdough + egg + tzatziki – Sourdough + fennel + walnuts

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Natasha Krajnc

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