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“Sourdough bread, love and everything in between”

At My Daily Sourdough Bread, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of biting into a warm, crusty loaf of homemade sourdough bread, and we are committed to equipping home bakers with the knowledge and skills needed to make this a reality. Join us on this delicious journey as we spread the love of sourdough bread, one loaf at a time.

Our Mission

Our goal is to fill your kitchen with the comforting aromas of freshly baked bread and unlock the secrets to achieving artisan-quality loaves right from your own oven.

Sourdough bread, love and everything in between

Our Story

Our journey started with curiosity, a bag of flour, and a jar filled with potential.

With every successful rise and perfectly scored crust, our confidence grew, and so did our desire to share our sourdough journey with others.

We wanted to create a space where fellow bread enthusiasts, both novices and experienced bakers alike, could find inspiration, guidance, and a sense of community…and that’s how My Daily Sourdough Bread was born.


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About us



Natasha is an enthusiastic home baker who has dedicated countless hours to honing her craft. Through experimentation, trial and error, and a sprinkle of determination, she’s developed a deep understanding of sourdough bread-making.

She’s now sharing everything she learned with people around the world…

Grab your apron, dust off your baking tools, and let’s embark on this sourdough adventure together.


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