On a slice of sourdough bread: perfectly prepared soft boiled eggs

My relationship with eggs has always been strange. Sometimes I wouldn’t have eaten eggs for months and next I’m eating them 14 days in a row. Well, I guess strange would just mean listening and adapting to my body’s protein needs.

But one thing I know for sure. Eggs are one of my favorite autumn and winter breakfasts. Bright and vibrant yellow color of the egg yolk brings out all of the Sun energy often hiding in the morning fog and rain. 

Hard boiled eggs on a slice of bread with soft butter and pinch of salt it’s how I’ve eaten my egg for whole life. Many have argued that there is no point in eating hard boiled eggs as all the beneficial compounds our body needs (like lecithin, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and many vitamins) can be found in raw or soft boiled egg yolk. I had this in mind every time I ate eggs, but it wasn’t until my first visit to New York this June when I also started considering other ways to prepare eggs. The reason? Well, in a bag of goods that we received at the Saveur Blog Awards, there was also one special item. It’s known as egg cracker/topper.

Egg cracker has an amazing ability to send vibrations to egg’s shell and cracking it in that way. When you remove the top, you are left with a beautifuly served soft-boiled egg – a bulletproof way to charm your guests or spouses.  How cool is that?

So, how to prepare perfect soft boiled eggs every time? Here’s the secret.

1. Pour water into a pot to be an inch of height.

2. Bring the water to a boil.

3. Place eggs into a pot. Cover a pot with a lid and leave it that way until eggs are done.

4. Cook for six and half minutes.

5. Pour of the water and cool the eggs under cold water. Use the egg cracker to remove the top of the egg.

6. Enjoy your breakfast with a slice of sourdough bread! My favorite is definitely rye sourdough bread with deep earthy flavor like this one or this one.

What’s your favorite way of eating eggs?

Disclosure: Natasa Djuric received no compensation of any kind for representing this product. Her interest is to present useful kitchen utensils that make our lives easier and pleasant.

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