[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to make amazing & simple GLUTEN-FREE sourdough bread – Secret Process Revealed

It was four year ago when I first started with my sourdough baking journey. I decided to give up commercial yeast, since I felt tired all the time (especially after eating bread and other foods made with yeast), I wasn’t motivated to do anything, had trouble concentrating throughout the day and my abdomen was bloated. Properly prepared sourdough bread make a huge difference for me. I can now enjoy bread without burdening my body. 

At that time my boyfriend was already on the gluten-free diet, so he couldn't enjoy my freshly baked sourdough breads with crunchy crust, soft and moist crumb, and irresistible smell. I was a big bread lover and just thinking about having to stop eating bread was quite a challenge.

For him, challenge was to find a decent gluten-free substitute for bread. We looked closely to commercially available gluten-free breads and flours, but they all contained something that we could not or would not want to eat: soy proteins, artificial vitamins, xanthan gum, guar gums, eggs from unknown sources, large amounts of high-starch flours, sugars and other artificial sweeteners, commercial yeast, artificial fruit juices etc.

We knew and felt that none of these ingredients would really nourish our bodies and mind on the long run.

One day, I challenged both of us who would make decent gluten-free bread first. Well, I can tell you, I lost. After a long trial and error period he came out with amazing gluten-free bread and it turned out that sourdough fermentation worked best and gave the best results. The end results were bread, a process and a recipe that you can make at home without complicated ingredients.

So, today I'm sharing a recipe and a process for this amazing and simple gluten-free sourdough bread and gluten-free sourdough starter with you!

It's gluten- free sourdough bread with simple ingredients, cruncy crust, soft, moist, open and flexible crumb and it cuts without crumbling and falling apart. You can bend it a good amount without breaking and it holds together well. It has delicious flavour with all health benefits that sourdough fermentation provides and is friendly for your wallet.

Honestly, I didn't came across a decent and simple gluten-free bread anywhere on the internet - the breads are either expensive to make or end results are not palatable. These process and recipe are really a breakthrough. For the first time, gluten sensitive or people with allergies can have great bread back into their diets without suffering the consequences of gluten or other allergens in their system.

Why you will love this gluten-free sourdough bread?

• rich in fiber (because of psyllium husk)
• fermentation lowers the glycemic index and prevents blood sugar spikes
• simple ingredients with no hard-to-get flours and starches
• easy to prepare
• easy to fit the sourodugh baking into your daily life
• cheap
• perfect for sandwiches, tastes delicious and goes well with other foods
• easy to digest and keeps you light
• eggs-free, diary-free, soy-free, xanthan gum -free, guar gum-free, sugar-free

"How to make amazing & simple Gluten-free Sourdough Bread"

The recipe and video tutorial have been moved. To view the video and download the tutorial click on the link below. 


+ Special Bonus included: How to make gluten-free Sourdough starter from scratch in just 3 days!

Amazing and simple gluten-free sourdough bread

Resources (US/EU):
Handcrafted contemporaty ceramic pots made by Anja Slapnicar
Hawos grain mill (US)Hawos grain mill (EU)
Psyllium husk (US) / Psyllium husk (EU)
Himalayan salt (US) / Himalayan salt (EU)
Hulled millet (US) / Hulled millet (EU)

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65 thoughts on “[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to make amazing & simple GLUTEN-FREE sourdough bread – Secret Process Revealed

  1. Hi Natasa,
    Thank you for this gluten-free bread tutorial. It is really helpfull. I’m just baking my second bread – this time with buckwheat. It is fermenting now… The firs one – with millet – turned out perfect. I recommended it to few friends, and they also liked it a lot. I just started to experiment with sourdough, and will bake a rye bread as well soon. I have a nice sourdough now…
    I live in Hungary and held 5 Elements cooking courses, where we just had a workshop with gluten-free breads. I will recommend your site to the group, so they can try your superb bread(s).
    Thanks again!

    1. Dear Klara,

      thank you so much for sharing your experience, I’ll pass it to my boyfriend who developed a recipe! :)

      I’m so happy your bread turned out great and that you share your knowledge about gluten-free baking with others. Are you also using psyllium? We also tried with flax seeds and it turns out delicous.

      You can also check a post I wrote a while ago about gluten-free sourdough baking in general: http://sourdoughsurprises.blogspot.si/2015/08/gluten-free-sourdough-baking.html

      There is a lot of millet in Hungary, we get almost all of it from there in Slovenia. In which part of Hungary do you live?

      Let me know if you need any help with future baking ;) Looking forward to see your breads!

      Wish you a nice day,

  2. Hi, I have some brown rice starter, would that work for the recipe? Or do I need to use the millet starter you make?
    Thanks! I am really looking forward to trying this bread!

    1. Hi Karen!

      Yes, sure, brown rice starter will work as well. Thank you for your question, I will update the post with this information.

      Hope it turns out well, let me know how it goes :)


  3. Hi Natasa!

    This is just lovely! :)

    Do you think it would be possible to make a starter with oatmeal only?

    Best Regards


    1. Hi Alain!

      Thank you :)

      I’m not sure for the oatmeal, but I know it would work with oat flour, my friend from Norway tried it and it worked perfectly.
      Do you have any chance to meal the oats? Or maybe it would work with oatmeal, just the crumb would be more dense I guess, but it would rise.

      It would also work with other gluten free flours, like buckwheat, corn, quinoa., you would just need to adjust the hydration level as some flours absorb more water (especially corn).


      1. Hi Natasa

        And thank you so much for the answer! :)

        No no, oatmeal flour is exactly what I mean ;) So it’s possible??!? :) I have really searched the web for a sour dough starter and bread consisting only of oatmeal/oatmeal flour, but just couldn’t find one. Most people are saying it’s not doable as it won’t rise but I had a hard time believing that :) Do I just do it the same way as with the millet starter and bread?

        Again thank you for your time!

        Best regards

        1. Yes, it is possible and also with buckwheat and other gluten free flours :) just follow the instructions and replace the millet flour for oat flour. You might adjust the ammount of water – I think oat flour absorbs more water than millet. In order for the bread to rise, your starter needs to be active and alive.

          What kind of starter do you have at the moment?


          1. Thanks Natasa :)

            I don’t have a starter right now, but want to make one with oatmeal flour if it was possible, and now you’re saying it is ;)

            Have some gluten free oats that I will grind into flour. Hopefully it will work! You wouldn’t happen to know anywhere online where I can see someone else who have done this kind of 100% oatmeal bread with and oatmeal sour dough starter? :)

            Best Regards

        2. Hi Alain!

          So sorry for my late reply, things got out of control :)

          You can check bewitchen kitchen on facebook (or instagram) and ask about the experience. I think Samantha baked this bread with oatmeal.

          Hope this helps,

    1. Hi Marcela,

      Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to ask my anything about the milling.

      Do you have a mill and do you also mill your own flour?


      1. Hi,

        I dont have a mill and don’t know any thing about it. Would like to know more about it. Witch brand and kind of mill you use?

  4. Hi, I cannot figure out how to download the gluten free tutorial. I entered my email address numerous times and nothing happens. I really would like to learn how to make the gf sourdough! Please help:)

    1. US conversions won’t help if you don’t have a scale because anything measured by weight will need a scale. You can approximate by googling ‘convert recipe weight to volume’ or if you decide to buy a scale you can convert recipes by googling ‘convert metric to imperial’.
      If you do a lot of cooking I’d recommend you consider buying a scale. Most of the world now uses metric and lots of cooks use weight rather than volume in their recipes. If you’re searching recipes on the internet you’re going to keep having to convert.

    2. Hi Laura
      Did you get the tutorials? I have had the same problem, and tried on different says.
      If you can help I would appreciate it

  5. Please do U.S. conversions for the gluten free starter and bread. This has been a nightmare to try to find. Every site is different also depending on the ingredient. I do not have a scale.

  6. Please do U.S. conversions for the gluten free millet starter and bread recipe. It has been a nightmare to try to find. Every site gives a different answer as well as different ingredients.

    1. US conversions won’t help if you don’t have a scale because anything measured by weight will need a scale. You can approximate by googling ‘convert recipe weight to volume’ or if you decide to buy a scale you can convert recipes by googling ‘convert metric to imperial’.
      If you do a lot of cooking I’d recommend you consider buying a scale. Most of the world now uses metric and lots of cooks use weight rather than volume in their recipes. If you’re searching recipes on the internet you’re going to keep having to convert.

  7. Hi there
    I have started the millet sour dough process and day 2 it still isn’t fermenting and bubbles not appearing?
    Can I mix brown rice flour and water with it to get it ” going” ?
    I have made a starter before with brown rice flour but liked your recipe better.
    Any suggestions to speed up the process please!

    1. Hey Jude,

      apologies for very very very late reply, but sometimes I don’t get comments on my e-mail, I’m not sure why…

      Yes, you can use rice flour or any other gluten-free flour. For me corn flour also worked.

      So, to speed up the process – you can use yoghurt, kefir, fruit water (raisin for example) or just put starter into warmer environment and use warmer water when feeding it.


      1. Hi again
        I have been using buckwheat flour as a starter and leaving it to ferment ( not huge amount of activity going on ? ) it’s in a vey warm place so no problems there.
        I continued to make the bread and replaced the flour in the recipe with brown rice flour and baked it for over an hour and it is crunchy on the outside but isn’t cooked on the inside ?
        When i leave it to rise in the tin for 5 hours or so it’s not rising much and looks like it is kind of setting?
        Any suggestions are welcome – it’s driving me nut ?

        1. Hi Jude!

          Is your starter more on a liquid or stiff side? Sometimes, especially in the first phase of starter establishment, the fermentation is slower if the starter is liquid.
          The choice of flour shouldn’t be a problem (as long as the flours aren’t old). I used buckwheat flour in the past and it worked nicely. What kind of tin are you using and at what temperatures did you bake? With some materials it might need more time + if the dough is really liquid it also needs more time.
          The dough might not have risen due to non-active starter.

          Don’t give up, I think you are close! :) If you want, you can also send me the photos on my e-mail.

          1. I think my starter isn’t active enough and I will try with a drier consistency in the first instance .
            I baked it at the given temps in the PDFs and use a glass loaf container that I bake other sour dough bread in and it works a treat – I do believe it’s all in the starter!!!
            I read other GF starters and some say don’t cover the starter so maybe I should try I. The jar with just a tea towel covering it??
            Thanks for the encouragement though ?

  8. Hi
    I am so excited about this bread! I am a gluten free baker in the U.S. and I have just decided to dive into sourdough. I have it started now with sorghum flour. What is so great about this is ONE flour! amazing. Gluten free tends to need starches and I am not fond of them. I am off to get millet to try this and I would love to try it with buckwheat as its one of my favorite flours. I will check back in after I give this a try!

  9. Hi
    I need help. I have a beautiful GF sourdough starter but have not succeeded in making a good bread. Coming out dense and hard. I’m ready to give up. I have been using a gf all purpose flour that I made. It consists of rice flour tapioca flour corn and potato starch corn flour xanthum gum. I make great cakes out of it but maybe it’s not right for breads. I have tried several recipes some with no additional yeast and some with. I need a recipe that works and have tried several sites but no one wants to help or share their recipes.

    1. Hello, Roxana!

      Have you downloaded the pdf with the recipe for millet bread? Instead of millet flour you can use buckwheat or other gluten free flours as well.

      I’m happy to help and share my experience with you, you can drop me an e-mail anytime. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with xanthan gum and tapioca flour.


  10. Natasha – this has been truly thrilling. I have been using organic sprouted millet flour. My first loaf was excellent except that I thought t tasted slightly flat without salt. I tried a very small amount of salt in second liar. On my second loaf aIso I was traveling so I closely approximated instead of my scale – but the dough felt the same. It did not rise enough during the day so I left it overnight. It seemed OK but fell inside the besutifull vpcrust while baking. I am going to keep trying as the first loaf was good – but I felt needed a little salt. Do you ever use salt? Do you think that is why it fell? I will try third loaf without salt, but would love your advice. Bless you and your husband for this! I had been wondering if this were possible. Also scales are necessary!

    1. Hello, Tamara!

      I’m happy to hear you like the bread!
      Yes, I always use salt, otherwise it tastes flat as you mention.

      Is your starter very active? If it is, then the bread should rise in couple of hours.
      Was your kitchen cold? This could also slow down the fermentation. You can speed the fermentation with: active starter, warm environment and larger quantities of starter.

      Fell inside? You mean it collapsed on itself? This is a sign of leaving the dough to rise too long.

      Happy sourdough baking,

  11. Hi everybody, here every one is sharing these kinds
    of know-how, thuis it’s nice to read this website, and I used to go to see this blog every day.

  12. Hi! I’m very excited to try this! I got 2 questions: 1. can I use parchment paper as a “lid” to cover the tin? Would that work or is it better to use the ice cubes if the tin doesn’t have a lid? 2. Would this recipe work as a base for other bread variations, adding some other ingredients (natural swetteners, seeds, healthy fats)? What are your recomendations on this? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Ana!

      1. I think you can. But don’t worry if you don’t have a lid. I often bake without it and it turns out well. Baking without steam would bring softer crust and it could also prevent the dough from rise in its full potential. You can use water instead of ice cubes. Just make sure you throw this on the tray not on the oven bottom as it can ruin your oven.

      2. Yes, absolutely! We often make this bread with flax seeds or we also use different gluten free flours (corn, rise, buckwheat), it’s very delicious. Healthy fats can be great too, though we don’t add them, as there is enough fat on the walls of the tin – note that fats in the dough soften the crust. Need to try honey, great idea!

      Hope your bread turns out well ;)

  13. Natasa,
    Thank you for your blog and video. I am excited to give this a try. We’re buying gluten-free bread at the store each week and it’s similar to the one you’ve made, but it’s very expensive! I want to buy my own organic ingredients and make it at home and now I have the perfect recipe to do it with.

    One suggestion for the blog: can you write out the recipe so we can view it directly on the blog without having to view the whole video and take notes? It would be great to refer back to it.

    Also, that wooden grain mill that you use is amazing!

    Thanks again :)

  14. I was initially having trouble getting the millet starter to ferment, specifically on the 3rd day. I tried twice, and the same thing each time. So I ended up using my sourdough starter which I made several months ago from raisins. I added brown rice flour to it after the raisin water was bubbly, and further fermented it to make the starter with the brown rice flour. Since this starter had been sitting in the fridge for several months without being fed, I thought it was dead. But to my surprise, when I added the failed millet starter to this raisin/brown rice starter, it fermented! Then I followed Natasa’s GF millet sourdough recipe, and voila! Tonight, a beautiful loaf of sourdough millet bread was made! Simply delicious, and no more xanthan gum, etc. Thank you so much, Natasa! I figured out the temperature questions.

  15. I love this recipe – it is so easy, healthy and cost-effective. I altered it slightly by replacing 1/2 cup of the millet flour with buckwheat flour which gives the bread a nice, whole-grain flavor.

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  18. Hello,
    I made this bread this morning and it was a little gummy and flat.. when I mixed my psyllium husk powder with the water instead of becoming a nice gel like yours it turned in to a very firm jelly, so I only used half of it. Is there a reason it did this and should I still have used all of it? It also made the bread a lot darker than yours.



  19. Hi!
    Did you get the tutorials? I have a problem, to get it (also pdf) and tried on different says.
    I didn’t received the mail to confirm the adresse, for download the recepies.
    If you can help I would appreciate it

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  22. Hi Natasa, I am new to the entire bread making process. I have been sick for a long time and was finally diagnosed with celiac disease and I’m gluten intolerant with IBS also. I am trying to go lectin free which leaves me with using non grain flours except for millet and sorghum. This was the only recipe I could find using millet so I am excited to try it once I feel up to it health-wise. My question is will any sourdough starters and sourdough breads work with Flour’s like almond flour or coconut flour? Love your site and what everyone had to post. Thanks for being a caring and helpful person, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks Sandy

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