Tasty and Easy to Make Sourdough Zucchini Bread [You Can Use Discard]

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If you’re looking for a healthy, tasty quick bread recipe, then why not try this super simple, sourdough discard zucchini recipe? It’s delicious, and perfect to have for breakfast with a glob of butter. This is your sign to make some use of that delicious sourdough discard!

Tasty And Easy To Make Sourdough Zucchini Bread [you Can Use Discard]

What is Zucchini Bread?

Zucchini bread has a texture that is closely related to a cake, as opposed to a baked loaf. Made with sugar and eggs and resulting in an incredibly moist bread, that is super tender and delicious, resembling the texture of carrot cake or banana bread, rather than your typical sourdough bread.

Generally, zucchini bread is sliced and handled like a loaf, which is why it is mostly referred to as bread. Regardless of what you may want to call it, the important thing to note is that this sourdough zucchini bread is incredibly delicious.

How to Prepare Zucchini for Bread?

When preparing zucchini for this recipe, some recipes may instruct you to grate and drain your zucchini. This is not a necessity for this recipe.

However I prefer to squeeze my zucchini beforehand, so that the resulting bread isn’t super moist. Simply place your grated zucchini in a tea towel, and squeeze, before adding the veggie to your batter.

Sourdough Starter or Discard for Zucchini Bread?

The best way to use up your overflowing jar of discard is through a variety of delicious sourdough discard recipes, like this sourdough zucchini bread. Once you’ve sliced and eaten one portion, you’ll be up and ready to devour another.

If you don’t have a discard to work with, you can easily opt for an active sourdough starter in its stead. Furthermore, if you feel like your sourdough starter is looking a little glum, then you can feed it before the bake, to ensure that your recipe will produce the best textures and flavor.

Essentially, the starter is normally used in sourdough bread as a leavening, however in this zucchini bread recipe, we’re focusing on the flavorful element of the starter.

Tasty And Easy To Make Sourdough Zucchini Bread [you Can Use Discard]

Sourdough Zucchini Bread Recipe

For a loaf that imparts a sweet, tangy taste, with an incredibly moist and chewy texture, try this delightful sourdough zucchini bread recipe.


  • 170g butter (room temperature)
  • 250g sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 200g sourdough starter
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 300g shredded zucchini
  • 390g all purpose flour
  • 6g baking powder
  • 10g baking soda
  • 5g salt
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp ginger
  • ½ tsp nutmeg


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Meanwhile coat 2 loaf pans with butter. Whisk butter, sugar and eggs until they achieve a fluffy consistency.
  3. Now add your sourdough starter and vanilla to the creamy butter mixture.
  4. Add the dry ingredients, to a separate bowl, along with the shredded zucchini. Ensure that all the moisture has been removed from this veggie. Mix until well combined, and the zucchini is coated in flour.
  5. Now add the wet ingredients into the bowl, and mix gently.
  6. Pour the mixture into two loaf pans.
  7. Bake the sourdough zucchini bread for 50 minutes. Then insert a skewer in the center of the bread to judge its level of doneness.
  8. Allow the zucchini bread to cool for 15 minutes before placing them on a wire rack.

Optional Add-Ins

While this sourdough discard zucchini bread is perfect as it is, there is no harm in elevating its delicious flavors further, with the inclusion of a few additional add-ins.

Here’s some ideas for you to try:

  • 100g chocolate chips or chunks
  • 100g cranberries
  • 100g walnuts
  • 50g cocoa powder
ingredients for baking zucchini bread

How to Store Sourdough Zucchini Bread?

Sourdough zucchini bread is best when served at room temperature in an airtight container or sealable plastic bag. This will help your bread remain fresh for longer.

Additionally you can also refrigerate or freeze your sourdough zucchini bread. Ensure that it is wrapped securely in a plastic wrap or bag, before freezing. Frozen sourdough bread can last up to 3 months in the freezer, so be sure to consume your zucchini loaf during this time.

More Sourdough Discard Recipes

If you’ve tried and loved the amazing zucchini bread, then it’s time for us to share a bunch of discard recipes for you to experiment with:

The Best Sourdough Zucchini Bread

Bake this loaf of sourdough zucchini and enjoy a wonderful sourdough treat, for you and your family can indulge in. Topped with your favorite toppings to delight your taste buds!


Do You Peel Zucchini Before Shredding For Bread?

While it’s tempting to peel the zucchini’s skin, there is no need to do that. The zucchini will eventually melt into the bread while baking, so peeling the zucchini would be an unnecessary and inefficient step.

Do You Remove Zucchini Seeds When Making Bread?

A small zucchini will not need to have the seeds removed because they are tender and cook well. However, bigger zucchini will need the seeds removed.

Do You Squeeze Out the Liquid From Zucchini for Bread?

While it’s not entirely necessary, some recipes may require you to remove excess moisture from grated zucchini, by squeezing with a clean kitchen towel.

Why is My Zucchini Bread Mushy?

It’s important to dry the zucchini before including it in your sourdough recipe, as too much moisture from this veggie can create a soggy loaf.

By Natasha Krajnc

Hi! My name is Natasha and I'm specialized in home sourdough bread baking and currently based in Slovakia - a very small country in Central Europe. My bread baking story began in 2011 when I decided to give up commercial yeast. I felt tired all the time (especially after eating bread and other foods made with yeast), I wasn’t motivated to do anything, had trouble concentrating throughout the day, my abdomen was bloated and I was like a trumpet on steroids – basically, I was quite a wreck. I was a big bread lover (and still am) and having to stop eating bread was quite hard at that time but I felt I was on a right way to give my body a chance to heal itself.

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