50+ Sourdough Discard Recipes You Must Try!

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Have you considered throwing your sourdough discard? Well, pause for a moment, and think of all the incredible sourdough discard recipes you could make! What once was a half filled jar of disposable sourdough starter, is now a key element in all of these scrumptious recipes that you simply must try!

Sourdough discard recipes

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What is Sourdough Discard?

Sourdough discard is a portion of unfed starter that is discarded before you proceed to feed your starter.

It is important to dispose of a small portion of your sourdough starter before each feed, as it ensures that your starter doesn’t become incredibly acidic.

What to do With Discard Sourdough Starter?

After you’ve discarded bits of your sourdough starter for 7 days before every feed, you can use discard in any recipe that requires flour and a type of liquid.

Essentially, discarded sourdough is half flour and half water, which means that it works best when added to cookies, quick breads and cakes. You’ll find that it is incredibly fun to experiment with your sourdough discard in many of your favourite recipes, exploring new flavours and textures, for you to enjoy.

Sourdough Discard vs Sourdough Starter

The main difference between discarded sourdough and a sourdough starter is that the discard remains unfed.

Technically, sourdough discard is the starter. However if you intend to use it in recipes, then you’ll need to add an additional leavening agent like baking soda, or yeast, to ensure that the dough or cake rises.

50+ sourdough discard recipes you must try

Mouth Watering Recipes Using Leftover Sourdough Discard

I’ve managed to gather a huge variety of mouth watering sourdough discard recipes. You’ll find yourselves becoming addicted to the unique, yet delicious flavors discarded sourdough provides, not to mention that you’ll be doing your tummy a favor!

Instead of discarding your sourdough discard, why not try your hand at a few of these quick recipes? They’ll definitely guarantee a delicious outcome! Pick your favorite from the huge list below:

  1. Sourdough bread
  2. Sourdough bread crumbs
  3. Sourdough discard crackers
  4. Sourdough baguette
  5. Sourdough discard pizza dough
  6. Sourdough discard pancakes
  7. Sourdough oatmeal bread
  8. Sourdough discard cinnamon rolls
  9. Multigrain sourdough bread
  10. Sourdough discard English muffins
  11. Sourdough pasta
  12. Sourdough hot dog buns
  13. Sourdough hamburger buns
  14. Sourdough discard bagels
  15. Sourdough discard rolls
  16. Sourdough focaccia recipe
  17. Sourdough brioche
  18. Sourdough discard waffles
  19. Sourdough baked donuts
  20. Sourdough banana muffins
  21. Sourdough pumpkin Muffins
  22. Garlic sourdough bread
  23. Sourdough scones
  24. Sourdough flatbread
  25. Sourdough pretzel recipe
  26. Sourdough naan
  27. Sourdough discard sandwich bread
  28. Lemon sourdough muffins
  29. Apple and cinnamon sourdough muffins
  30. Sourdough discard apple cake
  31. Sourdough zucchini bread
  32. Sourdough banana bread
  33. Sourdough blueberry muffins
  34. Sourdough pie crust
  35. Sourdough coffee cake
  36. Sourdough chocolate chip cookies
  37. Sourdough onion rings
  38. Sourdough biscuits
  39. Sourdough chocolate cake
  40. Sourdough brownies
  41. Sourdough pumpkin bread
  42. Sourdough discard dumplings
  43. Sourdough granola
  44. Sourdough discard hot cross buns
  45. Sourdough gingerbread cookies
  46. Sourdough discard carrot cake
  47. Sourdough biscotti
  48. Sourdough discard zucchini fritters
  49. Sourdough iced buns
  50. Sourdough monkey bread
  51. Sourdough discard white sauce
50+ sourdough discard recipes you must try! [2022]

Sourdough Bread

If you intend to bake some bread using sourdough discard, then go for it!

Use discarded sourdough to create a delicious loaf, or two, for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it’s buttered sourdough for breakfast, or grilled cheese, the versatility of this bread is what makes this so incredible!

Check out: Sourdough bread for beginners to get the full recipe.

Sourdough Bread Crumbs

A great way to make use of stale bread, is to blend them in a food processor and create these delectable sourdough bread crumbs. This works for sourdough loaves, baguettes, rolls and pretty much any type of bread that you can think of.

Simply break apart your bread into smaller, more manageable pieces, and arrange them on a parchment lined baking sheet, to dry out for 24 hours. After which, you can proceed to plop them into a food processor, and pulse until you’ve created fine crumbs, to sprinkle over pasta dishes, salads, and stews!

Check out: Sourdough bread crumbs, for the step by step guide.

Sourdough Discard Crackers

These wonderful, crisp crackers are made using discarded sourdough starter.

In this particular method, the sourdough discard is used as a cracker base, followed by other flavorful elements including: butter, salt, and dried herbs. These ensure a unique finish, that is complete when coupled with your favorite cream cheese.

Jump to: The best sourdough discard recipe, for the full process!

Sourdough Baguette

When searching for greats uses for sourdough discard, look towards the many varieties of bread that are delicious enough to make one salivate.

If you’re a fan of French baguettes, you’re going to love a sourdough baguette sandwich. With an tough, tangy crust, cut to reveal a pillow soft and fillable center.

If the idea of shaping, and creating sourdough baguettes, seems a little intimidating, then pay a visit to: Sourdough baguette recipe, for an simple step by step guide.

Sourdough Discard Pizza Dough

Want to know the best way to use sourdough discard? Try making pizza dough. This recipe guarantees a unique and flavourful pizza, that you and your family will enjoy; you’ll never want to go back to ordinary pizzas again!

The great thing about sourdough discard is that its incredibly versatile, whether you wish to bake something sweet or savoury, it always has your back.

For a more detailed recipe, try: Sourdough discard pizza dough.

Sourdough Discard Pancakes

A portion of wonderful, homemade sourdough pancakes, made using unfed sourdough starter, sounds like a delicious breakfast to me. These sourdough discard pancakes, don’t taste much different from regular pancakes, though they pack a mild rich and sweet flavour, that is well appreciated.

Top these scrumptious pancakes with some fresh berries, and sticky, sweet maple syrup, creating an absolutely delicious combination.

Jump to: Delicious sourdough discard pancakes, and give it a try!

Sourdough discard recipes

Sourdough Oatmeal Bread

These brilliant sourdough discard recipes seem to pave the way for delicious baked goods, especially when other elements are thrown in to the mix. Once you begin to add a variety of ingredients in to the mix, hoping to achieve a flavourful twist on ordinary tangy sourdough loaves, you’ll never want to go back!

For this sourdough oatmeal bread, you’ll need a fed sourdough starter, rolled oats and whole oats to sprinkle atop the loaf before it’s time to bake.

For a more flavourful loaf, fill the sourdough with dried fruit during the stretch and fold process, shredded coconut, or add maple syrup to the initial dough mixture to create a gorgeous golden brown loaf that will delight your taste buds!

Want the full recipe? Head over to: Sourdough oatmeal bread for this delicious and healthy recipe.

Sourdough Discard Cinnamon Rolls

Looking for the perfect sweet filling dessert to enjoy at any time of day? Try these scrumptious sourdough discard cinnamon rolls. The sweet cinnamon sugar filling nestles between the plush rolls, and complete with a sticky sweet glaze.

For sourdough discard cinnamon rolls that are more sweet than sour, then add a little commercial yeast to your dough. The yeast will enable your dough to rise quickly, so keep an eye on it!

Head over to sourdough discard cinnamon rolls, for the full recipe!

Multigrain Sourdough Bread

If you would like to accumulate all of the nutritional benefits you can possibly get in one loaf of bread, then try this incredibly nutritious, and versatile multigrain sourdough bread.

You can add your favorite seeds and grains to the dough for a wonderful crunchy texture. Serve this toasted with a glob of butter, or make a hearty and satiating breakfast sandwich, with eggs, cheese and ham, or anything else you can think of!

Try this multigrain sourdough recipe today!

Sourdough Discard English Muffins

These scrumptious sourdough English muffins require a little patience due to the fermentation process. But once cooked and served these discard English muffins make a delightful treat. Simply feed the discard and allow it to rise overnight, before incorporating in the dough, form the muffins and set them aside to rise before cooking.

Check out sourdough discard English muffins for the full recipe.

Sourdough Pasta

Why use ordinary pasta when you can make scrumptious sourdough pasta? By replacing regular flour with discard or sourdough starter, you’ll achieve the wonderful benefits of fermented pasta dough. This pasta won’t leave you feeling bloated and irritated, rather it’s much easier to digest, leaving your gut feeling lighter, and entirely satiated.

For the full recipe and guide check out the homemade sourdough pasta recipe.

Sourdough discard recipes to try

Sourdough Hot Dog Buns

Sourdough hot dog buns, make the perfect BBQ treat. Fill the buns with your favorite grilled meats, caramelized onions, and lots of cheese! These sourdough hot dog buns can be made using an active sourdough starter or discard.

For the full recipe head over to sourdough hot dog buns and have a read.

Sourdough hot dog buns recipe

Sourdough Hamburger Buns

These quick sourdough hamburger buns are the perfect candidate for your backyard grilled meats. Make these soft, buttery sourdough buns in under 3 hours, using some of your sourdough discard, for hamburger buns that impart a distinct sourdough flavor; complementing your favorite meats beautifully.

These fluffy sourdough hamburger buns will make your day! Make the recipe healthier using whole wheat for sourdough hamburger buns!

Burger with ham and cheese

Sourdough Discard Bagels

Have these perfect breakfast bagels topped with cream cheese followed by your favorite bagel seasoning, to create the perfect crunch.

These sourdough bagels are made with discarded sourdough starter, to produce baked goods that impart a distinct tangy delight.

Sourdough bagel recipes - simple steps to a healthier bread

Sourdough Discard Rolls

These super soft sourdough discard rolls are one of the easiest sourdough discard recipes you could bake. Prep and have them ready to devour in just a few hours! Slice and load with your choice of savory meats and cheeses to satiate your gnawing sourdough cravings.

These sourdough rolls are fashioned into pull apart rolls. Simply place them into a cast iron skillet, allowing them to rise and merge into one another, till they’re baked and form the perfect pull.

Coat these soft sourdough discard dinner rolls in melted butter, for a glowing finish.

Sourdough Focaccia Recipe

For a bread with a little more flavor try this brilliant sourdough focaccia recipe.

With the help of your sourdough discard, you’ll be able to create a tangy focaccia, loaded with your favorite toppings including sliced tomatoes, olives, or basil, and served as for lunch or dinner.

Indulge in a delightful portion of simple sourdough focaccia today!

Sourdough Brioche

The moistened depth of this shiny sourdough brioche is incredibly comforting, and exceptional when paired with your favorite hot beverage. Brioche is unlike your standard bread, in the sense where it emanates wonderful flavors, that makes it a perfect loaf to enjoy on its own.

Though the process of baking a tasty sourdough brioche can be lengthy, the promising results make it worthwhile.

Sourdough Discard Waffles

On the hunt for the perfect breakfast treat? Try these brilliant sourdough discard waffles.

The batter must be mixed the night before and refrigerated to ferment overnight before cooking. The fermentation process promises an easier digestion, leaving you and your gut entirely satiated.

Don’t sleep on these sourdough discard waffles, and get cooking!

Sourdough waffles - sourdough discard recipes

Sourdough Baked Donuts

Baked or fried? Personally baked donuts are my absolute favorite. There’s something almost addicting about the softened interior of a baked donut that forces one to gobble it in record time.

These sourdough baked donuts impart a distinct sourdough flavor, that doesn’t go undetected or unappreciated. Top these delicious treats with your favorite toppings, whether they’re dunked in a chocolate glaze, or dusted with cinnamon sugar, the results are flawless.

Sourdough Banana Muffins

Looking for a delicious way to make use of your sourdough discard? Then dive into this sourdough banana muffins recipe.

This recipe is a brilliant way to ensure minimum waste since it requires incredibly ripe bananas, thick soft, squishy and brown. The kind that you’d think to throw away. Don’t. Simply whip up a refreshing batch of sourdough muffins that’ll have your mouth glued to its crumbling depth before you even know it!

Sourdough Pumpkin Muffins

Sweet, spicy, and tangy sourdough pumpkin muffins are the perfect little treat to have in your kitchen. You can use canned pumpkin puree or make your own, it’s entirely up to you! With a hint of pumpkin pie spice, these sourdough muffins, will become a family favorite before you know it.

Top these muffins with a drizzle of cinnamon and orange glaze, for a flavorful finish.

Garlic Sourdough Bread

When caramelized garlic meets pillow-soft bread, the results are glorious. Garlic bread is the ultimate comfort food, that can be enjoyed at any time of day. When you’re looking for a little something to satiate your hunger, without overloading your stomach, take a bite out of this sourdough garlic bread, and you won’t be disappointed!

You can choose any type of sourdough bread for this recipe, though I would recommend choosing a sourdough baguette, or simple sourdough bread. Neutral tasting bread will bring forth the best of flavors, especially when slathered in garlic, and an abundance of cheese.

Check out how to make garlic sourdough bread for the full recipe!

Sourdough discard recipes - garlic bread

Sourdough Scones

These delectable sourdough scones are extremely tender and buttery on the inside, you’ll certainly fall in love with the crumbling golden edges. This is a great way to make use of any excess sourdough discard.

You can check out the step-by-step guide for the best sourdough scones, to make your very own scrumptious treats at home.

Sourdough Flatbread

For a meal that promises a satiated gut, try this sourdough flatbread recipe.

You’ll need a sourdough discard, as well as a cast iron skillet to cook your flatbread. This recipe also requires 60g of yogurt, to produce a scrumptious flatbread with a tender, flavorful texture, that can be spread, dipped, and crumbled in any way you like.

Sourdough Pretzel Recipe

Once you’ve taken a bite out of these super soft pretzels, you can’t help but go for another. These super simple sourdough pretzels will fulfill your cravings, producing the perfect bunch of German-style pretzels, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Don’t be intimidated by their intriguing appearance, simply handle your dough with delicate patience, and you’ll be able to achieve the brilliant pretzel twist in no time.

For shaping, simply divide your dough into 80g pieces, and roll each piece into a rope about 45cm long.

Pull the ends of the dough rope upwards, the left end of the rope should sit under the right, in the shape of a loose triangle. Twist the end of the right rope under the left once more. Pull the twist downwards so it rests at the base of the triangle and the ends hang down slightly. You can keep the tails hanging, or tuck them away if you wish.

Sourdough Naan

If you love eating curry, then you’re going to need a delicious naan to pair with it. This sourdough version of this recipe can be made in your very own kitchen, producing incredible results as if it were cooked in a tandoor oven.

You can top your naan with additional flavorings, like cheese, and garlic for the ultimate naan experience. Dip one of these in a spicy chicken or veggie curry, and the abundance of flavors will have you mesmerized.

Learn how to make this delicious sourdough naan flatbread recipe, for an amazing weekend feast.

Sourdough Discard Sandwich Bread

This quick and easy sourdough discard sandwich bread is a great way to use up some of that overflowing discard especially when you need to bake bread in a hurry. You’ll bake a plush, light and airy crumb, with a soft crumb that is perfect for using to make delicious sandwiches.

This sourdough discard recipe requires 2 to 3 hours of your time, the majority of which is a simple dough resting time, to set the dough before it’s ready for the bake. Moreover, the recipe involves commercial yeast to ensure a rapid fermentation process in which the dough rises quicker than normal slow-paced natural yeasted bread.

Lemon Sourdough Muffins

Once you introduce zingy lemons to sourdough discard, you’re in for a fabulous treat.

These lemon sourdough muffins impart a delicate cakey texture, drizzled in a sticky sweet lemony glaze that is seriously addicting.

While you can get away with their tantalizing simplicity, you can take your sourdough muffins to another level by including a variety of flavor variations.

For instance, you could add some poppy seeds to the dry ingredients, before mixing the wet ingredients to make a sourdough lemon, and poppy seed muffin! These are especially great for those who wish to add a little more crunch to their desserts.

I also have a lemon poppy seed sourdough cake on my blog!

Lemon slices for sourdough lemon muffins

Apple and Cinnamon Sourdough Muffins

These apple cinnamon muffins have a sweet moist interior, surrounded by a crunchy almond-topped exterior.

For a batch of muffins that taste heavenly, indulge in these gorgeous sourdough treats featuring your sourdough discard and a bunch of other goodies, forming a wonderful breakfast or snack time delight.

Sourdough Discard Apple Cake

Create a gorgeous, light buttery cake, complete with a sweet apple base. The sourdough discard plays an important role in all of your recipes, as it helps elevate your baked goods, adding unique textures and flavors to your treats.

Sourdough Zucchini Bread

Another great way to use up your sourdough discard, is through baking a delicious loaf of zucchini bread. The simplest of ingredients merge to create a mouth watering breakfast or afternoon treat.

Before proceeding with the recipe, it’s important to squeeze the extra moisture from the zucchini before adding it to the rest of your ingredients, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a flat, soggy loaf.

Enjoy this scrumptious sourdough zucchini loaf on its own, accompanied with a cup of tea, or slice, and top with butter and cheese for a flavorful delight.

Sourdough Banana Bread

The idea of banana bread may sound a little daunting, especially if you aren’t a fan of the potential overpowering banana taste in your bread.

But this sourdough banana bread is anything but overpowering. Instead, you’ll get a mouthful of sweet, tender bread topped with a scrumptious glaze, providing the perfect glossy finish.

The bananas required for this recipe must be super soft, so overripe or brown bananas are what you’re looking for. You can always elevate your banana bread with a few minor additions. Throw in a handful of roasted nuts for a delightful crunch. Or how about a chocolate chip banana bread, served for breakfast alongside a glob of butter?

This should have you salivating in a jiffy!

Sourdough Blueberry Muffins

These little treasures make the perfect breakfast treat. A super simple sourdough blueberry muffins recipe, featuring a tangy sourdough discard.

Complemented by the sweetness of fresh blueberries and cinnamon sugar, this produces wonderfully moist, tender blueberry muffins.

Sourdough Pie Crust

Put your leftover sourdough discard to some use, to make this easy pie crust.

The inclusion of a sourdough starter or discard will ensure that the crust imparts a very apparent, yet subtle sourdough flavor. The rest of the ingredients in this recipe must be kept as cold as possible, so that when baked they’ll create beautiful flaky layers.

You can use the pie crust for anything you like. From savory chicken pie to sweet fruit pies, the flaky crust is incredibly delectable, perfect for satiating your cravings.

Sourdough pie crust

Sourdough Coffee Cake

Any lover of coffee is a lover of coffee cake, or so we assume. This recipe requires a sourdough discard, and lots of cinnamon.

If you enjoy cinnamon rolls, you’ll adore the tiny flavorful bursts of spicy cinnamon rippling from this tender treat.

Serve this for breakfast, coupled with your favorite hot beverage.

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re looking for a moist, gooey, chocolatey delight all in one bite then have a go at baking a batch of sourdough chocolate chip cookies.

These special cookies require a sourdough discard and will produce a unique texture depending on how old your sourdough starter is. For instance, if your starter has been fed within the last 24 hours, then your cookies will have a cakey texture, complete with a fudgy center.

If this isn’t something you’re looking for, then opt for a sourdough discard that has been kept refrigerated for a few days, for a batch of chewy textured sourdough cookies that go down a treat.

The best thing about this recipe is that it is entirely customizable. You can add whatever flavor variant you desire, such as:

  • Peanut butter: For this addition, you’ll need replace half the butter with peanut butter, and add some peanuts in place of chocolate chips.
  • Rolled oat and raisin: Instead of chocolate chips, add rolled oats, raisins and sultanas.

Sourdough Onion Rings

The best kind of onion rings, are those that produce a very apparent crunch when bitten into. These crisp sourdough onion rings, are so addicting, you won’t be able to keep your hands off them!

The secret element to these crisp onion rings is the sourdough discard. If you’ve ever poured or scooped sourdough starter from a container, you’ll notice that it starts to form a crust pretty quickly. This is the magical element that’ll help create the crispiest coating along the edges of your raw onions. This will act as the perfect skin that guarantees an echoing crunch.

Apart from this, the recipe also requires dipping raw onions into milk, buttermilk, and egg, to act as a binding element, and to hold the ingredients together, before they’re deep fried and devoured in no time.

Sourdough Biscuits

These gorgeous, sourdough biscuits are buttery, flaky and incredibly delectable. For this recipe, you’ll need a sourdough discard and lots of cold ingredients. Handle your biscuit dough delicately, and pop it into the freezer just before baking.

A light, and savory treat, to enjoy at any time of day. Devour these beautifully layered biscuits topped with cheese and encased in butter, for ultimate satisfaction.

Sourdough Chocolate Cake

For a simple chocolate cake that can be enjoyed at any time of day, try a sourdough chocolate cake.

This recipe requires a sourdough discard, along with a few minutes of prep time, to achieve a moist, crumbling cake, without an overpowering sweetness.

Top the delicious sponge with a heavenly frosting, that’ll melt on your tongue, and delight your taste buds!

Chocolate sourdough bread

Sourdough Brownies

If you’re looking for a dessert that crumbles in your mouth, then try these delicious sourdough discard brownies. They’re super moist, tender, fudgy, and make the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers anywhere.

The recipe calls for a sourdough starter or discard, and can contribute to the overall flavor of your brownies.

The inclusion of both melted chocolate and cocoa powder, will produce a delightful chocolatey treat, imparting rich and wonderful flavors, with a subtle sourdough taste, that doesn’t go unappreciated.

Sourdough Pumpkin Bread

If you’re an avid sourdough bread baker, you’ll understand the constant necessity of having to discard a little sourdough starter before baking. And if you’re like me, you’ll have a separate jar brimming with this magical stuff before you even know it.

But don’t worry, you’re going to need it for sourdough discard recipes like this one!

For this sourdough pumpkin bread recipe you’re going to need lots of pumpkin spice. Top this moist bread with pumpkin seeds, sweetened with a spoon of honey, for a finger licking treat!

Sourdough Discard Dumplings

Doughy, meat stuffed dumplings are the ultimate comfort food, especially during the winter. Which is why sourdough discard dumplings are phenomenal. Boiled in a pot of hot chicken soup, they create the perfect comforting meal.

Sourdough dumplings are brimming with flavor and healthful benefits, but they’re also especially great at satisfying your cravings and keeping your tummy warm. You can use a sourdough discard straight from the fridge and include whole wheat flour in the dumpling recipe.

Add a sprinkling of dried basil, or thyme for that subtle, aromatic punch, then season with black pepper for an evening treat!

Sourdough Granola

You can make the most delicious sourdough breakfast granola bars using your sourdough discard. They’re super easy to make, and can be customized to suit your personal taste. Bake these gorgeous crunchy bars, with a variety of flavors, so that you can get a surprise with every bite!

Traditionally, granola bars require a sweetener to tie the ingredients together, but in this recipe, your sourdough discard binds the nuts, seeds, fruits, and oats beautifully, so you’re in for a treat!

Sourdough granola

Sourdough Discard Hot Cross Buns

Sourdough hot cross buns are the perfect hot buns to enjoy for breakfast. You can slice them open to make a cross bun sandwich, simply spread jam or peanut butter, and indulge in the scrumptious cinnamon-spiced treats.

Made using a sourdough discard, these hot cross buns are mainly enjoyed during the Easter holidays.

For this recipe, you can include a variety of dried fruits into the dough, from dried cranberries and raisins to dried apricots.

Or how about some chocolate chips to shake things up a bit? It’s entirely up to you!

Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies

The best way to make use of any extra sourdough discard, is through a wide variety of sourdough discard recipes, perfect for any occasion!

These sourdough gingerbread cookies are a special treat during Christmas time. Enjoy a crunchy bite with the slightest pinch of ginger.

You can shape them any way you like, from stars, to circles or even little gingerbread men if you want to make things more exciting!

Sourdough Discard Carrot Cake

If you’re a fan of carrot cake, then you’re going to adore this recipe. These carrot cupcakes require the inclusion of a sourdough discard to bring forth moist, tender textures that are pretty addicting! You can even add a little frosting on top and call it a carrot muffin instead.

Serve these little mounds of delight, at a picnic or party, and you won’t get tired of the compliments!

Sourdough Biscotti

Sourdough biscotti are perfectly crunchy, twice baked Italian cookies made with a sourdough discard, along with your favorite variety of dried nuts and fruits. These delightful treats make the perfect breakfast or evening snack; dunk them in hot tea or coffee, for a softened texture creating the perfect flavorful bite!

The best thing about this recipe, is that it’s entirely customizable! Meaning that you can include a variety of flavorful additions to suit your taste.

Sourdough Discard Zucchini Fritters

Want a recipe that permits you to use sourdough discard straight from the fridge? Then have a go at these delicious zucchini fritters. The best part is, you can include anything you like into this recipe. From meats to vegetables there’s no limit to the deliciousness you can create! Serve these with your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy the explosion of sourdough flavors.

It’s important to note that the zucchini must have moisture squeezed out before using, otherwise you’ll be dealing with a bunch of soggy, limp fritters.

Sourdough Iced Buns

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a batch of plush hot dog-shaped, sourdough iced buns, coated in a sticky sweet glaze, and enveloped in lots of sprinkles.

These iced buns are made with sourdough discard and make an ideal breakfast time delight. Simply dip these iced goodies in some tea and indulge in its sweetened depth.

Sourdough Monkey Bread

This phenomenal sourdough discard monkey bread is super soft, and squishy, slathered in caramelized butter sauce and then finished with a drizzle of vanilla icing.

Much like our lovely fluffy sourdough cinnamon rolls, this impressive bread is the ultimate indulgent paradise for cinnamon lovers, that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Simply tear and share the joy!

Sourdough Discard White Sauce

Did you know that sourdough discard can also be used as a sauce thickener?

Sauces like gravy and cheese sauce make the perfect candidate for this recipe.

The addition of sourdough starter discard will ensure your sauce imparts a very apparent tang. Which is why you should add a little honey to balance these flavors, especially if you’re looking for a more neutral taste.

Sourdough discard recipes - a must try

Sourdough Recipes? Yes Please!

The best way to make use of your sourdough discard is through a bunch of sourdough discard recipes, that promise a fulfilling evening, or weekend meal. If you’re just starting out on your sourdough journey, you may want to start with the more simpler recipes, before going ahead and make an entire sourdough feast for you and your family to indulge in.

And remember to enjoy your fancy little creations!

Sourdough Discard Recipes FAQs

What Can I do With a Lot of Sourdough Discard?

Here are some ideas of what you can do with sourdough discard: Pizza dough, pasta, cinnamon rolls, donuts, muffins, waffles, pancakes, baguette, pull apart bread, and so much more!

How Long is Sourdough Discard Good For?

Discard will remain good enough to use for about 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge. After which it begins to develop some liquid on the surface, called hooch, and will adopt an acidic flavour, and when added to baked goods; provides an incredible tangy flavor.

Is Eating With Sourdough Discard Healthy?

Sourdough discard provides several health benefits, mainly for digestion. It is rich in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics.

When Should You Throw out a Sourdough Discard?

You should dispose of the discard from your starter for the first 7 days. During this early period, the discard will contain bad bacteria, which is potentially unsafe to consume.

By Natasha Krajnc

Hi! My name is Natasha and I'm specialized in home sourdough bread baking and currently based in Slovakia - a very small country in Central Europe. My bread baking story began in 2011 when I decided to give up commercial yeast. I felt tired all the time (especially after eating bread and other foods made with yeast), I wasn’t motivated to do anything, had trouble concentrating throughout the day, my abdomen was bloated and I was like a trumpet on steroids – basically, I was quite a wreck. I was a big bread lover (and still am) and having to stop eating bread was quite hard at that time but I felt I was on a right way to give my body a chance to heal itself.

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