How to Make Garlic Sourdough Bread [Step by Step Guide]

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If you’re a lover of garlic, then this recipe is for you! Pairing deliciously caramelized roasted garlic with sourdough bread is like a match made in heaven. There’s something so tantalizing about roasted garlic, that brings the best out of us. The ultimate comfort food prepped in your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the scrumptious garlic bread recipe below!

How To Make Garlic Sourdough Bread [step By Step Guide]

What is Sourdough Garlic Bread?

Sourdough garlic bread is essentially a sourdough bread spread with garlic butter or roasted garlic. It is topped with parmesan cheese to create a gooey, cheesy, garlicky treat.

The type of bread you choose for this recipe can be anything you fancy. As long as you have a baked loaf, ready to be caked in some garlic you’re good to go.

The Best Bread to Use for Garlic Sourdough Bread

For this roasted garlic sourdough bread recipe, you can use any type of sourdough bread you have.

However, there are a few particular loaves that produce the best outcome when slathered in fresh garlic and butter, the results will have you salivating in no time.

The few loaves that work best for this garlic bread recipe include:

  • Sourdough baguettes: For a restaurant style garlic bread, try making this sourdough garlic bread recipe using sourdough baguettes.
  • Simple sourdough bread: This delicious sourdough bread recipe will go down a treat. Simply spread your gooey garlic mixture over the attached slices of bread, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, for a scrumptious sourdough garlic cheese bread!
How To Make Garlic Sourdough Bread [step By Step Guide]

How to Make Sourdough Garlic Bread

This sourdough garlic bread recipe is incredibly simple, promising impeccable results. The most challenging part of this recipe would be baking the bread if you don’t have any. Don’t be afraid to go out and purchase a freshly baked sourdough bread, trust me the results are just as amazing!


  • 1 head of garlic
  • 2 small sourdough loaves
  • 240g soft butter
  • 2 tbsp fresh parsley
  • 5g salt
  • 40g parmesan cheese


  1. Roast the garlic – Using a sharp knife, slice the top of the garlic head off, exposing the cloves. Splash some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt over the cloves and roast them in the oven for 30 minutes at 390F.
  2. Make the garlic bread – Slice your sourdough loaf into 1cm thick slices, without slicing these slices off, so that the ends are still attached at the bottom.
  3. In a separate bowl, add butter, chopped parsley, salt, 20g of parmesan and roasted garlic (cooled).
  4. Use a fork to squish the garlic into the butter, until it’s well combined.
  5. Use a butter knife to spread the roasted garlic butter onto the individual slices of sourdough bread. Use plenty of garlic butter in each gap, remembering to slather some over the tops as well!
  6. Place your sourdough garlic spread loaf onto a large sheet of aluminum foil. Sprinkle a handful of parmesan cheese over the loaf and wrap the foil around the cheesy sourdough garlic bread.
  7. Place this into the oven and bake at 365 degrees for 15 minutes.
  8. Remove the sourdough loaf from the oven and open the foil a little, then place this back into the oven for another 5 minutes. This will help the parmesan brown and bubble.
  9. Once you’re ready to serve, unwrap the foil from the roasted garlic sourdough bread and sprinkle some fresh herbs over this scrumptious garlic bread.

Why Choose Roasted Garlic?

Roasting a head of garlic makes the garlic soft, sweeter, and a little caramelized. Raw garlic has a more overpowering taste, which is why roasted garlic is the best option for this sourdough garlic bread recipe.

Other Garlic Sourdough Bread Toppings

Although this sourdough garlic bread is perfect as it is, there’s no harm in including some of your favorite toppings to the recipe.

Here are some ideas for you to experiment with:

  • Add fresh herbs to the garlic butter such as fresh rosemary, thyme, chives and basil.
  • Top the sourdough garlic bread with any kind of cheese you can imagine. Cheddar and mozzarella work too!
  • For an even better twist to this recipe, top your roasted garlic sourdough bread with marinara sauce and extra mozzarella for a delicious pizza treat.
How To Make Garlic Sourdough Bread [step By Step Guide]

Tips for the Best Garlic Sourdough Bread

Here’s how to achieve the best roasted garlic bread results:

  • Your butter must be at room temperature before the roasted garlic is added to it. If you forget to remove the butter from the refrigerator beforehand, then simply pop it into the microwave for 20-30 seconds at low power.
  • If you’re like me and don’t like getting your hands dirty, then use a garlic press, to squish your roasted garlic cloves into a somewhat minced form.
  • Try to prepare your garlic butter ahead of time. While roasted garlic mixed in butter will certainly taste incredible, fresh out of the oven, there’s no harm in making this delightful mixture, and refrigerating it, so that you can use it at a later time.

Delicious Garlic Sourdough Bread

For best results try this delicious roasted garlic butter, with your homemade sourdough bread, for an early evening treat!


Does Garlic Inhibit Sourdough?

Garlic does inhibit yeast growth, which is an active occurrence in a live culture, like sourdough starter, however cooking the garlic destroys the organism that inhibits yeast.

What Goes Well with Sourdough?

Pair your sourdough with avocado and tomatoes, smoked salmon, eggs, ham, eggplant and more!

Is Sourdough Bread Unhealthy?

Sourdough bread is a naturally fermented bread that is rich in fiber and minerals making it a healthy choice for people, therefore a healthier bread, when compared to white or whole wheat bread.

Can You Put Garlic Powder in Sourdough?

You can add a sprinkle of garlic powder to the dough, during the shaping process.

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Hi! My name is Natasha and I'm specialized in home sourdough bread baking and currently based in Slovakia - a very small country in Central Europe. My bread baking story began in 2011 when I decided to give up commercial yeast. I felt tired all the time (especially after eating bread and other foods made with yeast), I wasn’t motivated to do anything, had trouble concentrating throughout the day, my abdomen was bloated and I was like a trumpet on steroids – basically, I was quite a wreck. I was a big bread lover (and still am) and having to stop eating bread was quite hard at that time but I felt I was on a right way to give my body a chance to heal itself.

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